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About Luis Gonte

Luis Gonte, born in Mexico City, is an eccentric and polifacetic artist, entrepreneur, designer, art hunter, builder, pilot, interior designer and motorcycle refurbisher, whose passion for design and architecture has taken him to explore the world in an unconventional way, nourishing his understanding of it, and allowing him to create exceptional pieces of art, based on real life experiences.

Being a fervent lover of nature, he strongly believes that “Nobody is a better artist than God”; and his work is a mirror of his beliefs. His distinct artistic prowess relies on fusing raw materials like stone, metal and wood, always allowing natural patterns to take the center stage of his designs.

Gonte’s appreciation for other people’s work has driven him to start a journey in search of the work of passionate artists and artisans with hidden talents from different cultures from all over the planet to exhibit them in his art studio gallery in San Diego, California.

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